Monday, September 25, 2006


Vacations Are Good!

Just got back from a long weekend with the wife & kids at the beach! Boy, I'll tell you, I love vacations! Not just for the chance to get away and have fun, but also for the recharging effect they have on me! When I'm on vacation, I think about things more objectively. I think about the things that I want to get accomplished in my life. I can kind of "step out" of my daily life and look back at it and re-focus. I think everyone needs to take vacations! Those who work constantly lose creativity and focus. It is not a natural state for humans to have all work and no play. Our maker gave us a sense of fun and a sense of adventure for a reason! We need to make room for that or we end up burned-out and stressed-out! Some of the best ideas come when you can remove yourself from the daily grind and let your mind have room for other thoughts. I think if you don't make room for play, you are just stifling your maximum potential. You cannot be well-rounded and creative if there are no avenues to foster creativity and to learn about new and exciting things!! So take a break already! Go somewhere you've never been...Try something you've never tried! Recover the enthusiasm you once had when you were a kid!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Learning About Money Starts in the Home

One of my many interests has been investing and entrepreneurship. It's been a long road full of hard lessons, but I have a few methods which seem to work well. If I can save my kids the heartache of trying all sorts of things that don't work and focusing on the things that do, I will have accomplished a great thing for them as their dad! They may not appreciate it now, but years later, they will thank me! Wise business practices start in the home! I think the reason the US has the lowest personal savings rate in the industrialized world is that we are constantly falling over ourselves trying to "keep up with the Joneses!" Most kids do not respect money the way they should. They see their parents getting all these fancy things and they think they are entitled to them also. They eventually come into the workforce and expect to be handed $75,000 a year to start just because they are "cool." Whatever happened to proving yourself? Whatever happened to working your way to the top? Whatever happened to EARNING it? We as parents need to stop teaching our kids that money magically comes from the ATM any time we want it. We need to stop worrying about if our kids have as much as the neighbor's kids! We need to teach our kids that anything worthwhile is worth sacrifice and work in order to obtain it! Next time your kid wants something big, teach him that he is more than welcome to EARN the money to buy it. If he shows a good-faith effort, you might even volunteer to match a portion of what he has saved. Whatever you do, just don't GIVE it to him!! You'll find that once he finally gets the object of his desire, he might just pay more attention to it, put it away when he's done with it, and take better care of it. Why? Because he had to SACRIFICE to get it. He had to save money. He did not just have it handed to him. It has more worth to him this way. In my opinion, this is the way we begin to teach our kids about the value of money.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Good Health

OK, so the last few days have been kind of stressful! We've got another family living with us right now and so there are 10 of us in our house right now and it makes working out regularly kind of hard. Plus my friend and I tend to feed off of each other's rationalizations about eating bad foods...especially ice cream and milkshakes! Anyway, my wife & I invested in a new health website at It's actually got a lot of great articles and helpful advice. There are so many articles, it's going to take awhile to read them all, but there's lots of good info there! We just passed the 6 months-to-go mark until our cruise and still a long way to go as far as fitness is concerned! Motivation seems to be the hardest part for me this time. It usually is never a problem, but this time I'm going to have to dig a little deeper!

Friday, September 08, 2006


Getting in Shape

OK, so this isn't about my 3 kids specifically. But I want to be around to see them grow into adults with families of their own! My wife & I have therefore created a pact to get in shape. Now we're not horribly out of shape now, mind you, but the pounds are creeping on and we're not spring chickens anymore! So starting this week as the kids went back to school, we started our fitness plan. I have been doing cardio for 1/2 hour at least every morning right after I get up and most days I'd also like to fit in a second 1/2 hour session in the evening. In addition to that, I'll do resistance training with my Bowflex about 3 times per week. My diet plan is really just to reduce portion sizes, cut out soda and cut way back on anything that is processed or has a lot of sugar in it. I'll also try to avoid excess carbs and try to increase protein intake. My wife is also doing cardio and the bowflex. She doesn't have as much fat to lose as I do, but she's also more out of shape, if that makes sense! This holiday-shortened week was week #1. We're going on a cruise with 3 other couples next March, so we've got about 6 months to get lookin' good! Wish us luck!



Well, here goes! I have three beautiful kids, Sierra, Dylan, and Alex. They are 11, 8 and 3 years old. Sierra is the socialite of the bunch. She is friendly, outgoing and concerned with other's feelings. She is also going to be a lawyer! I know this because she argues every point to the nth degree with her mom & I. Even when we draw the line, she will still push it by trying to re-open the conversation from different angles. She tries to negotiate everything! Dyaln is the student-athlete. He is showing his athletic prowess more and more as he grows. He ends up being the top or one of the top players on every sports team he plays on. His favorite sports are baseball and soccer, although he does well at a number of different sports! Alex is our little trouble-maker. He had open-heart surgery to correct a VSD defect in his heart when he was only 4 months old. He recovered from that well, but his development lagged behind for a time. Well, not any more! He is making up for lost time in a big way! He watches a lot of Dora the Explorer on TV and we joke that he knows almost as much Spanish as he does English! He delights in the littlest things, from getting to ride in daddy's car to running through the sprinklers. He is our last baby and there is no doubt that he's a mold-breaker! We love all our kids dearly! Well there's a brief introduction!

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